iBPM in Malta and why every company needs to invest

September 21, 2023

In today’s day and age, we see a digital shift happening in the world. Companies from different industries are now relying on cutting-edge technologies to increase different benefits such as productivity, efficiency and decision-making.

Data collection gone wrong

Data is ever-growing and it is critical for every company to store and handle data correctly. Collecting data in paper format should be a thing of the past and paperless is the way to go. For instance, one of the most time-consuming tasks for a client is to fill in a paper form, send it to a business, and then wait for the processing. The form then needs to be checked, physically handed to at least one person to be approved, signed by someone with authority, and sent back to the client.

This time-consuming process can be drastically shortened and run smoother through iBPM. iBPM stands for Intelligent Business Process Management. This intelligent workflow automation dynamically changes processes for the better.

What is iBPM?

iBPM was first introduced in 2012 by Gartner and was predicted to be the next big thing in the BPM software domain. As the name states, it adds additional intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to the classic BPM and takes it one step further.

The intelligence in the name includes incorporating RPA (Robotic Process Automation), cloud computing, and machine learning into business processes. The purpose of iBPM is to have even better automated processes and to improve efficiency.

An iBPM is an integration of cutting-edge technologies which connect, people and machines while also providing traditional BPM requirements. IBPMs can transform a business as it comes with numerous benefits such as:

  • Intelligence and optimisation for specific organisational processes in any industry.
  • A platform that allows for a more advanced level of collaboration between departments throughout the whole process
  • An integration of various middleware and back-end technologies, allowing companies to move their products and offerings to market quicker.

Who benefits from iBPM?

Companies of all sizes can reap benefits from IBPM as it tackles problems through its cutting-edge technology. Automated data analysis and workflow automation are just two use cases. This software seamlessly incorporates multiple applications into functional workflows.

There is no need for a whole team of programmers to integrate different technologies into a traditional BPM when any employee from the company can simply create a customisable process model themselves with a low-code solution.

With the incorporation of new technologies into workflows, like event processing and predictive analytics, data processing time is radically reduced. iBPM is a problem solver and is able to predict problems and change the workflow correspondingly based on real-time data. This expands the scope of BPM software to automate processes that are prone to exceptions. It also generates more data about changes made to continuously improve processes. This way, process data continuously feeds back on itself so workflows are constantly improved.

iBPM in Malta

iBPM software is a rapidly growing field. Companies of different sizes are investing in this technology to grow their company in the right direction through intelligent automation. Malta is a small country, yet has the biggest potential for this shift. iBPM software can dynamically change processes to run smoother and quicker. This is the future for all businesses, to automate and optimise their processes through iBPM.

If you would like to learn more about our Workflow Automation SaaS, let us know.

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iBPM in Malta and why every company needs to invest

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